Primarily I work on financial planning of resident Indians and NRIs who do the majority of their investments in India. I do not work with US and Canada residents.


I follow the Defensive approach of investing in financial planning. In the defensive approach the endeavour is to create portfolios that can run on autopilot and require little further effort. The emphasis is on the avoidance of serious mistakes or serious losses and not on generating higher return. I suggest Index Funds for equity investments. I do not provide stock advice. (Should I pay a financial planner who only recommends index funds?)


The fee for the financial planning and retainer fee for two quarters (six months) for need based consultation is ₹30,000. The current fee for subsequent review and retainer fee for two quarters is ₹10,000.

There may not be a need to renew the engagement immediately after 6 months. You can renew the engagement every alternate six months or when there is a need for the review.


If you decide to engage me as your financial planner, I will mail you a formal letter of engagement. If you agree with the terms of engagement, you shall take print of the letter, sign, and mail me the scanned copy.

I will share my bank account details with you after receiving the scanned copy of the letter of engagement. The engagement shall begin once I receive the fee of ₹30,000.

After receiving the fee, I will share a data sheet with you in google sheet format. You shall provide all your details in the data sheet.

After receiving the data, we will do 5 sessions of 1 hour each.
In the 1st session, I will try to understand your financial and life situation, your financial aspirations, goals, objectives and your knowledge of personal finance and investing.
In the 2nd session, we will discuss the equity part of portfolio construction for retail investors.
In the 3rd & 4th session, we will discuss the debt part of portfolio construction for retail investors and the asset allocation basics.
The 5th session will be the financial planning session in which we will arrive at a clear financial planning action plan.  

I will share a google sheet with you with the help of which we will do financial planning sessions. I use google hangouts for screen sharing during financial planning sessions. I do not do video calls since I find them distracting.

I share the financial plan in google sheet format. I work on the advice-only model and do not follow-up with all my clients about the execution of the plan. Therefore, implementation of the recommendations would be the responsibility of the client.

Please Note :
Financial Planning is all about the future, and we do not know exactly how the future will pan out. Therefore, a better approach is to do calculations using conservative assumptions to get an idea about the savings and investments required to achieve financial goals; and then take money management one year at a time. I try to arrive at an agreed upon action plan for one year and the set of rules for the client to follow. Client’s job is to execute the action plan and stick to the process. 

After the financial plan is delivered, you can contact me to discuss anything related to personal finance, investing and your own financial planning during the period of engagement. If your financial or life situation changes and there is a need for modifications in the plan, we will do additional sessions.