Fee Only India – a group of ethical advisors I could finally identify with!

There wasn’t any Fee-Only-India (FOI), and I wasn’t a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) when I attended the first FOI meeting in Mumbai in September 2017. My Investment Adviser application was under process at that time.

Pattabiraman Murari made all the arrangements for this meeting. He called it a “Fee-only SEBI RIA meet”. The meeting was in a small room in a small hotel in Dadar that could barely accommodate ten people. It was enough for 9 of us; Melvin Joseph, Sukhvinder Sidhu, Shilpa Wagh, Chandan Singh Padiyar, Piyush Khatri, Vikram Krishnamoorthy, Swapnil Kendhe, Pattabiraman Murari and Ashal Jauhari. We founded Fee-Only-India that day. Read More